Goals and Desires

As I’m looking forward to my summer at Myrtle Beach, if I had to choose one word to describe how I feel, I would say hopeful. We had a leader’s retreat a couple weeks ago, where all of the room leaders, team leaders, and project directors came together to begin preparing ourselves for the summer. It was a weekend of equipping and vision casting.

I’m coming into STP in kind of a unique way; most who come as room leaders have spent a previous summer as a disciple. Coming to STP for the first time while also being a room leader is intimidating and humbling. I have other friends who will be room leaders, but they know what to expect, in some regards. They’re familiar with the schedule and can base their goals for this summer’s D groups and one-on-one time on what their room leaders did last summer. I’ve heard lots of stories, but I don’t have the same experiences to draw from.

One thing we talked about at the retreat was our goals are for our rooms. As we were throwing out ideas, someone pointed out the difference between a desire and a goal. A desire is something like “I want the girls in my room to become close friends.” While this is a good desire, it’s not something that I can control. A goal is more along the lines of “I will plan fun things for my room to do together.” This is something that I can control, while I ask God to fulfill my desires. This was a really helpful conversation for me, because it helped me differentiate between things I’m equipped to do, and things to petition God for. I can be faithful to plan fun things for my room, while asking God to give us close friendship.

After spending a weekend with the other leaders, I feel hopeful. I won’t be able to control most of what happens, but I know that God is up to something good. I am excited to see how God will work in the hearts of the girls in my room, and how he will work in my own. I feel hopeful because I know that the “success” of the summer doesn’t count on me.

If you would like to give financially to support the cost of my summer, follow this link. Make sure to choose ‘Sarah Miller, UofM’ as there are two Sarah Miller’s going on this trip. 


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