Trusting Hearts

Today I’ve been paging through old journals. I have a lot of notes and doodles about servant leadership from my summers with Royal Servants (shout out to Travis and Steph Carr for the major impact they’ve had on how I understand leadership!). There was one quote from a talk about conflict resolution that caught my eye.

“I trust that your heart is good toward me”

My notes say that this is the attitude that we should have when we are beginning to address a conflict. But I’ve been thinking about how this applies to more of my life than just dealing with relational struggles.

This week I’ve been calling a lot of potential supporters on the phone. I’ve raised support before, and phone calls are always the most dreaded part. Sending out letters and following up with thank you’s is no big deal, but I always get a little nervous when it’s time to make some calls. These fears are not grounded, though, because what I find time and again is that people are interested to hear about my summer, and they are excited to be a part of what God is doing in my life.

Talking to people on the phone reminds me that my friends’ and family’s hearts are good toward me. People aren’t waiting to see me to fail, they want to see me grow and learn to depend more on Christ.

I know that humans are sinful and make mistakes, which is why we need things like conflict resolution. Heading to Myrtle Beach, where I will share a small room with 3 other girls, and share a small motel, a job, and basically all of my waking hours with 100 people, I start to feel a little intimidated. Will people like me? Will I make new friends? Will giving up a summer be “worth it”?

The exciting thing about this summer is that everyone who is coming either has a relationship with Jesus, or is interested to explore Christianity more. This means even though I will be sleeping, eating, working, and learning with broken people, I can trust that the Holy Spirit is at work in our lives. Even though we may struggle with pride, competition, or selfishness, I know that the Holy Spirit is working to reshape our hearts, and grow the Fruits of the Spirit in us. I can trust that the hearts of these 100 students who I will share the summer with are good towards me, not because we’re a group of people who are humble, caring and compassionate on our own. I can trust their hearts are good toward me because the Holy Spirit is at work.


If you would like to support me financially, follow this link to give online. Make sure to select ‘Sarah Miller UofM’ as there are two Sarah Millers going. Thank you!



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