About CO


Since coming to the University of Minnesota, I have been increasingly involved in a campus ministry called Campus Outreach, or CO. CO’s mission statement is “Glorifying God by building laborers on the campus for the lost world.” Check out the vision of CO here. CO is a largely discipleship-based ministry, which means we don’t have a weekly gathering time like many other campus ministries. There is a core group of student leaders who are committed to giving their lives away on campus. This looks different for everyone, but it is centered around hanging out and studying the Bible with our friends.

Last year I discovered that I really enjoy hanging out with international students, so I have made an effort to get to know many foreign friends this year. I have studied the Bible with a few of them, and often my international friends are interested to learn about Christianity. International students aren’t the only friends I study the Bible with, though.

Leaders are often involved in Discipleship Groups, which are led by a staff person. We study the Bible together, memorize scripture, and talk about joys and challenges in our life. This year I was in a D- Group with two other girls, and we have read the book “How People Change”  by Paul David Tripp. [I would highly recommend it!] This book has guided us as we examine hard circumstances in our lives, how our responses reveal the roots of sin in our lives, and how the Gospel is transforming us.

CO also owns three houses right near campus. This past school year, and again in the fall I will be living in the women’s house [we call it 824]. Living there this past year has been a great opportunity to be surrounded by other believers who are excited about giving their lives away on campus. Being so close to campus, it has also provided many opportunities for hosting events and inviting friends over. I look forward to another year in CO housing.

Last year, an older girl in the ministry consistently met with me to pray and read the Bible. This gave me a taste of what discipleship-based ministry is like. This year I have learned from my D- Group and other student leaders in the ministry. I have gotten my feet wet with studying the Bible with friends. I know spending 10 weeks on CO’s Summer Training Project will help me in my spiritual growth and develop my leadership skills so that I can be better equipped as a “laborer on the campus for the lost world.”